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Sharing my newest discoveries as I float through the streets of Paris. Restaurants, bars, events, all reviewed for you with love, from your Parisian.



Hello! I’m Nat, a Canadian expat who currently lives in the 18th arrondissement of Paris and who wants to share her discoveries with you!

I arrived in Paris in 2010 and always thought that I should have written a blog as there is always lots to tell when moving alone to a foreign city. Friends and family would tell me to do it, but I was always hesitant and insecure, and so I never did. I finally decided to stop stalling and start this blog for the following 2 reasons:

Firstly, to share some of my experiences with the person who I would tell everything to: my Mother. Although she passed away over 5 years ago, I still think of her everyday. I see a lady on the métro with the same fine hands placed delicately on her lap, I smell a brief scent of lavender as I pass by the flower shop at the bottom of my street, I see a Mother and daughter shopping together along Rue de Rivoli, arm in arm – it is inescapable and heartbreaking, especially since she never did get to visit me in Paris. I miss telling her about my life and so I’d like to think of this as a symbolic way of me “writing home” to her, so to speak. Somehow, I feel like by doing this, I am keeping her in the loop, however kooky that may seem, and I know she’d be happy to see me writing again.

Secondly, and nothing to do with the first point, I feel that there is too much always written about the chic and luxurious Paris. Sure, this city is elegant and glamorous; there are the exclusive boutiques and Michelin-starred restaurants that lots of people come here for, BUT, what I love about Paris, and what I want to focus on in this blog, is the Paris that brings me so much joy. The real Paris: where things aren’t always sparkling, but are amazing nonetheless. The restaurants, bars and sights that tourists don’t often see when they come to this city. I know that when I travel, I love to visit places where I’m not surrounded by other tourists but by locals (even if I have to struggle with the language barrier) so that I can soak up the new and exciting foreign environment. The streets of Paris are full of fashionistas and models but they are equally full of the average Parisian, which can be a mix of people from various cultures, the bobos, the hipsters, the families from all backgrounds, the homeless, the struggling musicians and artists, and anyone who wanders the sometimes tragically beautiful streets of this city and calls it home. I’m not saying that I won’t write about any places that are well known or touristy (I mean, the Eiffel Tower for example, how can people not love it?!), but I’m going to try and focus on those places that don’t already have a ton of reviews all over the internet.

In summary (and before I start rambling on), I hope that I can share the interesting or perhaps unknown places that I frequent and that I continue to discover (or clumsily stumble upon) around every corner. So here are some reviews, observations and pictures (using only a very basic camera as rent in Paris is too darn expensive) from the eyes of a proud Parisian…with love.

P.S. If you have any questions about Paris, moving to another country alone, or anything else that you think I could answer (FYI: I love giving restaurant recommendations), please don’t hesitate to leave a comment on the blog or on my social media accounts! XOXO


6 thoughts on “About

  1. I’m glad you started this blog, I love your writing style and you have a knack for finding these cool places and describing them with such interesting detail! Keep it up, I can’t wait to read more!!


  2. Nashykins, I’m so freaking proud of you!!! your writing is expressive and lovely and I can hear you saying the words while I read them – I miss you!!! My love goes out to you and to your lovely mother may she rest in peace. Looking forward to reading every single entry – hugs and bisous!!


  3. This is great Nash, thanks for sharing, will have to check out these cool places and catch up with you if I ever go back to Paris! look forward to reading more updates


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